QER Electrical Retractor | Q'Straint Q'Straint
QER Electrical Retractor | Q'Straint Q'Straint

QER Electrical Retractor | Q'Straint

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QER Electrical Retractor for Wheelchairs with 9, 10.5, or 13 ft. of Webbing 

Includes Choice of Length:

QTY 1 QER Electrical Retractor with 9 ft. of webbing | Q5-6210-11-ER
QTY 1 QER Electrical Retractor with 10.5 ft. of webbing | Q840005
QTY 1 QER Electrical Retractor with 13 ft. of webbing | Q5-6210-11-ER4

The QER (Q’STRAINT Electrical Retractor) is the world’s first 4M Front Electrical Locking Retractor. Electric retractors are controlled directly through the vehicle’s electrical system and can be used as front tie downs where there is limited space for an operator to complete securement.

  • Vehicle Applications: Minivan, WAV
  • Installation Instructions: PDF
  • Warranty: 1 year* limited warranty coverage


  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL 12 VOLT VEHICLES - The electric retractor is easily integrated into the vehicle’s electrical system, involving just a single plug connection.
  • 4M WEBBING - Allows the safe and easy securement of the wheelchair and occupant to take place on flat ground as opposed to on a ramp.
  • ZINC CASING - Durable casing to protect webbing and ensure product longevity.
  • CYCLE TESTING - All QER Retractors undergo 50,000 Cycle Testing Operations, surpassing automotive seatbelt standards.
  • TENSILE STRENGTH RATING - With a minimum tensile strength of 1,500kg, QER-4000 exceeds industry standards by up to 20%.
  • ONE-BOLT INSTALLATION - Ensures a quick and straightforward installation as only one bolt is required to safely secure the unit to the vehicle floor.
  • LATERAL STABILITY BAR -  Extra bar provides superior resilience and additional strength.
ITEM: QER Electrical Retractor  WT: 4 lbs