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Works closely with government agencies to help determine and define securement regulations on a global scale.

Backed by the industry’s most advanced research and testing facilities, they continue to encourage new ideas to develop the next generation of safety solutions for public and private transportation.

Q'Straint Warranty Covered Products & Limitations:

Q’STRAINT’s limited warranty coverage applies only to factory defects in materials and workmanship in the Products as follows:

  • QUANTUM – 3 years* or 10,000 cycles.
  • Q’POD, QRT-3 Series, QRT-5 Series – 5 years* limited warranty coverage.
  • QRT Max, QRT Deluxe, QLK-150, Q’UBE – 3 years* limited warranty coverage.
  • QRT Standard, Q-5000, M-Series, QLK-110, INQLINE, INQLINE Loader – 2 years* limited warranty coverage.
  • All other Products – 1 year limited warranty coverage.

*Only valid if the product is registered with Q’STRAINT. Otherwise, a 1-year limited warranty applies to all products.

Each of the warranty coverage periods runs from the date the Products are shipped from Q’STRAINT and applies only to warranted defects that first manifest themselves and are reported to Q’STRAINT within the applicable warranty period. Q’STRAINT retains the right to determine to its reasonable satisfaction whether any claimed defect is covered by this warranty.

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