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Everyday we are inspired by the curiosity of new clients, the kindness from friends and stories of the generosity and compassionate empathy of family, friends and strangers. At, our Mission is to simply "Be the Good".

From purely a business stance, our primary duty as a Dallas, TX-based supplier of Occupant Restraints and Wheelchair Straps across the US & Canada is to offer our Clients high quality, USA-tested products with known provenance.

We have learned however, that mutual success is best achieved by being prepared with many questions and then (and most importantly) LISTENING to our wheelchair-using Clients. People who know best what is needed for optimum mobility. Our Clients' vehicles, chairs, experiences, and bodies are all unique - by engaging, listening at eye level, we can recommend a solution tailored for each individual.

The products we sell facilitate and support mobility and freedom, and this accessibility we hope emboldens our Clients to higher levels of independence.

Please let us know if we can answer any product questions.

Thank you for choosing! We welcome you to our family!


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